What is FIQS

The Brand:

FIQS will revolutionize the way you dress-up your feet. This chic new range of foldable leather shoes is feasible for all occasions. FIQS can be worn for prolonged duration without the risk of backache and inconvenience. You will feel very comfortable and relaxed while wearing FIQS as top-quality leather has been used for each pair. Moreover, instead of the conventional procedure, the mastermind behind FIQS, Ms Fiqa Chong preferred the handmade option for creating these adorable shoes. Friendly and enthusiastic customer services and aesthetically appealing designing form the hallmarks of FIQS.

The Idea:

Fiqa Liyana Chong is an entrepreneur who believes in moving beyond the conventional norms bet it apparel or footwear. The idea of foldable shoes was entirely demand-driven. Ms Chong travels a lot and had to attend events where high heels were mandatory. However, given the utter discomfort and inconvenience caused by heels and requirement of many pairs, it seemed extremely impractical from travelling perspective. This is when the idea of creating multi-purpose, durable, highly-comfy and foldable footwear struck her. Within no time the design was in the production process and today it is readily available in numerous designs, colors and styles.

The Material:

Leather is undoubtedly the best material when it comes to footwear. It is elegant, durable and the product looks extremely stylish. This is why Ms. Chong chose to materialize her dream of foldable shoes in cow leather. The leather material used in each pair of shoes is carefully chosen by Ms Chong herself and its high-quality is guaranteed. 

Leather is a product of nature. Animal hides and skins provide the raw materials to make leather. The leather making process is known as "TANNING".

Cow Leather

Cow leather known for its strength and durability is mainly used as shoe upper leather. It is the most abundantly available leather. This aniline cow leather maintains its intergrity and also takes the shape of the wearer. Also know as anilinie leather, this cow leather gives extra comfort with everyday use. Cow leather is easy to care and is resistant to water and dirt.


  • Leather is comfortable
  • Leather breathes
  • Leather shapes itself to the foot
  • Leather is quality
  • Leather is lightweight, yet strong


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